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Specialized for Neurorehabilitation & Pain Management

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Korehab Clinic is an outpatient based medical facility to cater to the people who need rehabilitation for their functional regain and pain relief.

Korehab Clinic is an outpatient-based medical facility in Dubai Healthcare City, a highly sophisticated Korean medical system specialized for Neurological Rehabilitation and Musculoskeletal Pain management.

We have one Korean specialist doctor in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (also called as Physiatrist) who closely work together with our Therapists team of eleven (11) certified & highly trained Korean Physiotherapists and one (1) Occupational Therapist to provide patients with a high quality of care and treatment. There are two (2) Outpatient clinic rooms, 10 individual therapy rooms, gymnasium, state of the art equipment including EMG machine, musculoskeletal ultrasonography and RSWT.

Offering the most comprehensive rehabilitation programs, Korehab Clinic fills a valuable need for medical service in Dubai. Our primary objective is to restore function to patients affected by the entire spectrum of neurological and musculoskeletal disorders, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.


We do our best to deliver customized quality approach to the patients who need rehabilitation with the aim to help the individuals to boost their performance at all levels and improve their quality of life


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