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Scoliosis Therapy in Dubai

Korehab Clinic provides scoliosis and body alignment correction treatment service to patients who suffers from unspecific pain on the body from mal-alignment of the body. Our team provide a comprehensive treatment plan from full-assessment of your body joint by joint to home self-care program.
5.Scoliosis Treatment Clinic
A team of certified therapists works together to provide exceptional, individualized care for the patients with
Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
Degenerative Scoliosis
Shoulder height discrepancy
Pelvis height discrepancy
Leg length discrepancy
Pelvis rotation
Genu Valgus (X shape legs) / Varus (O shape legs)
Unbalance of muscles
Forward head posture
Rounded shoulder
Rounded shoulder
Straight neck
Lordosis on the lower back
Kyphosis on the trunk
Flat feet
Gait correction
Bad body posture

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What is the Scoliosis?

Person’s spine actually sometimes curves and rotates making it look like an “S” or a “C”. This is called “Scoliosis”. In result because people’s ribs attach to their spine, when the spine rotates, it raises the ribs and creates a rib hump.

You may also notice differences in your chest or breast size, your shoulders, or your waist.They may appear uneven. The curve may become larger as you grow. In most cases, we don’t know what causes scoliosis, and we call that “Idiopathic Scoliosis”.

Did you know that Scoliosis does not come from carrying something heavy like your backpack or from bad posture. And Scoliosis does not cause back pain in most patients.

What makes scoliosis and body alignment correction treatment with Korehab team different?

We can transform you by putting you back in control of your health, and be reminded that there is always a hope.

Our treatments at our clinic focus not only on the part of the spine that is curved, but also from the head to feet as a whole. We work on balance and weight distribution all the way from the pelvis to the skull, We are able to change the neuro-musculoskeletal signal between the brain and the body parts.

This addresses the root cause of the condition, which leads to results that last – a smaller spinal curve and less pain.

What are the benefits of the Korehab approach?

No Braces
No Surgery
No Restrictions on Daily Activities or Sports
Improved Body Shape and Confidence
Progress Check with a Camera Images
Home Self-Care Exercise Program
Internationally Certified Treatment Techniques (from Germany, Korea, and U.S)

Scoliosis Therapy Clinic Dubai

Are you looking for Korean doctors, specialist and therapist then contact our centre as our clinic is located in Dubai UAE. Our medical centre is here to help you get relief in pain because our Korean specialist uses the best therapy at our centre.